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River of Life Food Pantry

River of Life has been serving our Lord Jesus Christ and community for over 20 years.


No doubt, some of you have memories of being served or prayed for by Maureen, who ran our pantry for over 11 years. Maureen, who remains active in other ministries of our church, is driven to demonstrate her love for Jesus by serving others. We follow her example when operating the pantry today.

We do not begin our morning’s work until Pastor Bill has prayed over our volunteer staff.
Later he will also pray with clients


What does he pray for? We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him through service to others.

We pray for peace and cooperation among volunteers and clients, and that each person we serve may come to know salvation through Jesus.

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I’ve never been to a food pantry before.

How does your pantry operate?


We do not require proof of income. We only ask for your honesty when you complete the registration form.

Volunteers will answer any of your questions or concerns.


What's in Those Bags?


While food bags vary weekly, they generally include the basics of pasta and a sauce, canned vegetables, eggs, tuna fish, bread, milk, and cereal.


Frozen bags contain the meats, chicken, or fish, and fruit. Fresh produce is also distributed when available.


Because we build the bags with items we’d enjoy, we include some snacks and sweets.


Some of our favorite reviews from clients:

“You give us so much!”
“You give us food we can eat!”
“We look forward to the special treats—there’s always something special.”

And finally, since our coordinator is a confirmed chocoholic, she considers it her mission to provide chocolate as often as possible.


PS: Also available, should you need them—pet food, baby diapers, and incontinence products.


How Will I Get the Food?


During the week prior to a pantry, volunteers bag a variety of foods.


Each client receives two bags of non-perishables and one bag of refrigerated and frozen items.


To help contain the spread of COVID, bags are passed along to clients who are safely socially distanced outside our facility. 

Hint: Since these bags are packed full and can be heavy, consider bringing along your reusable tote bags for repackaging and easier transport. 

Please note: We are blessed to have some strong volunteers who will help you get your goods to your car.  

Be sure to stop and visit our second distribution station also located outside. Here you can choose among our weekly specials.


Now We Are Asking for YOUR Help.

Our most senior volunteer, Mahandra would be the first to encourage you to come and volunteer some of your time and talents.


Pictured here is Staff Elder John Goretti and Mahendra


Starting with picking up food from NORWESCAP (food bank) and ending with cutting up tons of cardboard, there’s always something to do.

To volunteer, or to donate non-perishable foods, contact us at

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you.

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